Procrastinating with Podcasts

It can be hard to find and stay focused at the moment during the pandemic. Finding the motivation or inspiration to be creative can feel challenging and at times impossible with everything that’s going on in the world, and the lack of stimulus from being confined inside all day.

However, something that I have found to be a source of insightful distraction and has been podcasts. Now that there is a lot more time available, it's been nice catching up my podcasts and have the time to explore and listen to some new ones.

I wanted to draw attention to a few of the Design focused podcasts I’ve discovered to hopefully share a source of inspiration and interest. They provide thought provoking discussions around design and have broadened my opinions by listening to people in the industry talk passionately about the work they do.

The first podcast I’d like to recommend is The Voice of Design podcast by Erika Hall and Mike Monteiro. They run a design agency, Mule, in San Francisco and they talk a lot about their experience of design, especially when it comes to the ethics of design. It’s always an eye or ear opening experience listening to them talk about how, when not properly considered, designed platforms can enable terrible problems like harassment, bullying, sexual abuse when diverse inputs are not included or even considered. It does a great job of highlighting how important ethics are when it comes to design.

Another podcast that talks about design in an insightful way is 99% Invisible podcast by Roman Mars, a project by KALW Public Radio and the American Institute of Architects in San Francisco. It focuses on design in the world looking at aspects like architecture and less obvious places where people might not realise it. It’s incredibly eye opening and broad with the topics they cover and definitely worth your ear if you want to discover something new!

Finally, the third podcast that I’d recommend is Design Matters, which looks at the broader world of creative culture through wide-ranging conversations with a variety of people from designers, writers and musicians to artists and curators. It’s hosted by the delightful Debbie Millman who started her show from humble beginnings and has grown it into a wide reaching, insightful show. It was one of the first design podcasts, creating early opportunities of sharing the brilliance and intrigue of her guests with her audience.




UI Designer based in London.

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Christopher Haines

Christopher Haines

UI Designer based in London.

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